AAL projects at the Department of Innovative Technologies
The Department of Innovative Technologies will attend the AAL Forum in St. Gallen from the 26th to the 28th September 2016 presenting some of the departmental projects related to the main topic of the event: Active and Assisted Living.

AAL Forum 2016

The annual AAL Forum is among the largest European events of its kind. It presents the innovative technological product ideas supported by the AAL Programme.

The 2016 Forum will host over 700 international congress participants who will seek information from 40 exhibitors, 30 workshops and various keynote speakers about new AAL products and services. The event offers an excellent opportunity to network and gives participants a great platform to exchange experiences and ideas. Interested investors can use the opportunity to find products and services with market potential.

Here below the departmental projects presented at the event.

HELASCoL - Helping elders to live an active and socially connected life by involving them in the digital society

Image HELASCoL - Helping elders to live an active and socially connected life by involving them in the digital society

The main objective of the proposed project is to provide the elderly people with the means of maintaining social relations by developing an easy to use and easy to understand communication platform with social and entertainment capabilities that can be easily upgraded with security and medical features. As a secondary objective we will address energy efficiency and the build-up of conscience by the elderly people, using the physical application and communication infrastructure to be put in place anyway, by providing information about the power consumption of the many devices at home, in an intuitive, entertaining and educative fashion.

For more information please contact Simone Pellegrini or visit the web site.



The aim of the project is propose and evaluate through experimentation, in agreement with partners in the region, innovative products and services based on the development of ICT and designed to meet the health and social needs of older people at home.
The expected result is to delay institutionalization of older people by improving their quality of life at home and also contain the growing costs of health and social.
To achieve this goal innovative equipment’s have been and designed to grant to the elderly peoples a high degree of security and autonomy in their own home. This has also reduced the states of anxiety for them and even of the relatives.
This installation has been installed in 20 apartments of elderly/impaired peoples in the city of Lugano and in the Blind House of Lugano.

For more information please contact Gian Carlo Dozio or visit the website.


Image OmniProfiler

The constant increment of life expectancy and the progressive population aging involve increasing issues about social models and public finances. Home automation can contribute to solve some needs derived from aging, because it allows to improve autonomy, welfare and quality of life of elderly people. However, traditional home automation systems are generally limited to the environment control, not able to adapt to user needs, closed solutions with low integrability. There is a need for flexible, intelligent adaptable systems which exploit Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) technological solutions.
The project objective is to develop a solution for gathering data from home automation systems and devices, working with different standards, aimed to profile user habits in different contexts. The solution offers information and alerts related to the controlled environment based on bigdata analyses.

For more information please contact Lorenzo Sommaruga or visit the website.

SOCIALIZE – Service Oriented Assisted Living Infrastructure

Image SOCIALIZE – Service Oriented Assisted Living Infrastructure

The SOCIALIZE project will develop a hardware/software platform able to put in close contact the elder users with the community where they live, promote elderly social interaction and proactive involvement in the democratic development of their own community through the use of new technology implemented in the elderly day by day contest. The SOCIALIZE technology will be accessible by different channels and in different geographical locations. Furthermore the SOCIALIZE mobile user interface will offer to the users the benefit of a subset of system functions through mobile devices.

For more information please contact Simone Pellegrini or visit the web site.

TSBank - Time and Skill Bank for Active Aging

Image TSBank - Time and Skill Bank for Active Aging

The elderly often have large amounts of free time and high skill in specific areas. TSBank aims to give the elderly a way to use their time and skills in a way that is useful to society, enabling them to be active and feel needed, contributing to their well-being and reducing their dependency on care giving. To this end, TSBank will develop, validate, and deploy an online platform that allows the elderly to volunteer their skills and time to perform work on a set of areas. People looking for support can then consult the platform to look for volunteers that match the sought needs, and the platform puts both parties in contact.

For more information please contact Simone Pellegrini or visit the web site.