The DynaMat Laboratory consist in 4 Modified Hopkinson Bars apparatus of 15 m in length for high strain-rate tests (1÷105 s-1) for:

  • Metals (diameter 10 and 12 mm).
  • Polymers (diameter 20 mm.
  • Concretes and rocks (diameter 60 mm).

A new 3D Modified Hopinkson Bar apparatus of 4 MN capacity is under constructions. At the moment only 1D tests in compression can be performed.

Other facilities:

  • 2 Hydro-Pneumatic Machine (1÷50 s-1).
  • 2 universal machine for quasi-static tests.
  • System of transient recorder (50 Msample/s).
  • Contactless displacement recorder syste.
  • Database of the materials behaviour in high strain-rate.
  • Software for dynamic and impact structural assessment.
  • High speed camera for fast recordings.