27 January 2012

The dynamic behavior of materials is relevant in multiple applications such as crashworthiness in transport including cars, trains, boats and airplanes; terminal ballistics related to defense, shielding of satellites, of turbine blades and discs; blast effects due to industrial explosions, terrorist attacks; material processing such as high speed shaping of metals.
Department of Applied Mechanics IIT Delhi

25 October 2012 - 26 October 2012

The Light Weight Armour Group for Defence and Security started about 10 years ago as a sub-group of DYMAT. In global terms, the subjects of the LWAG are the study of all modern body and vehicle armour and also the study of armour systems as a whole. There have been large developments in both types of armour in recent years and we hope to understand these changes and improve upon them.
Campus Trevano - Aula Magna