LWAG 2012 Lugano Workshop
25 October 2012 - 26 October 2012
Campus Trevano - Aula Magna
The Light Weight Armour Group for Defence and Security started about 10 years ago as a sub-group of DYMAT. In global terms, the subjects of the LWAG are the study of all modern body and vehicle armour and also the study of armour systems as a whole. There have been large developments in both types of armour in recent years and we hope to understand these changes and improve upon them.

LWAG is interested in all armour materials such as ceramics, all plastic materials such as polyamides and woven materials, metal matrix composites (MMC), ceramic matrix composites (CMC), metallic foams and other porous materials. It is hoped that via workshops, LWAG can help improve on the design of armour and armour systems as well as explore the use of computer codes, where applicable. It was decided many years ago that the meetings should be informal workshops where there would be formal papers but also time for discussion. We are confident that this workshop in Lugano will be as successful and interesting as previous LWAG events.