Triaxially Compressed Hopkinson Bar (TriHB)
13 January 2014
In the frame of the project granted by the SNF, the first part of the Triaxially Compressed Hopkinson Bar (TriHB) for Geomaterial and Construction Material Testing has been completed.

The main innovations to develop in the TriHB system can be summaries as below:

  1. It can be used to test large and non-cylindrical samples under high strain rates, which can be used for testing not only intact rock, rock joint, composite rock, but also other civil engineering materials, such as concrete, cement, brick, timber, ceramics and even energy absorption foamed materials.
  2. By applying impact loading from different driving source, the strain rate range can be extended.
  3. Since 3 independent pairs of pressure bars will be used, the lateral confinement effect to the dynamic strength of rock and construction materials can be investigated. The confinement effect is very crucial to brittle material failure. The confinement effect in dynamic conditions at high strain rates has not been experimentally examined largely due to the limitation of the existing equipments.