Since his inauguration in March 2005, the DynaMat Laboratory has been collaborating in numerous projects in the field of the behaviour of materials and structures subjected to high strain rates.

The main topic of the project has been the study of materials and structures under dynamic behaviour as well as the numerical simulations.

For example, in the field of brittle materials, we studied the effect of high dynamic loads on a reinforced concrete arch bridge, as well as the effect of high dynamic loading conditions on a classical porous natural stone or the behaviour of rock materials subjected to dynamic high-rate loading condition. More recently the behaviour at high strain rates of UHPCC and UHPFRCC were analysed.

In the field of the behaviour at high strain rates of steel materials, numerous projects were concluded, while a few are underway. An ongoing project concern the analysis of high strength structural steel under elevate strain-rates and at high temperatures in order to simulate both impulsive loads and fire simultaneously.

Other projects were based on the study of different materials as for example, polymers and biological materials.