Competence Centre for Healthcare Practices and Policies

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Competence Centre for Healthcare Practices and Policies

The Competence Centre for Health Practices and Policies (CPPS) carries out applied research and designs services in the clinical-assistance and socio-political fields, thanks to a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the health, human and social sciences.

Equipped with researchers with quantitative and qualitative methodological expertise applied to healthcare, the CPPS includes a Nursing Research area and a Health and Social Sciences area. The researchers of the two areas develop their activities around four themes, approaching them through their own prism of interpretation and maintaining a constant dialogue in order to ensure an interdisciplinary approach.


Well-being and skills in the healthcare professions

Questions are asked about the challenges of the healthcare professions in today's social context, how to improve their attractiveness, the adaptation of training and the development of innovative professional roles and interventions.


Experiences of illness, care and empowerment 

Patients' experiences are analysed so as to integrate their point of view into care and promote personal responsibility for their own health.


Organisation of healthcare systems 

Health policies are evaluated and the management of healthcare facilities is analysed


Health technologies

There are questions about the potential of technological devices for early diagnosis, treatment, patient education, professional activity and organisation of services.

Mission and objectives

The objectives of the CPPS are the development and promotion of effective, ethical and socially sustainable healthcare practices and policies that put the safety and well-being of patients, their families and health and social professionals at the forefront, based on shared scientific evidence.


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The Centre is active in responding to the needs of entities and facilities in the area through performance mandates, through assessment and advisory work in the area of healthcare practices and policies.

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The researchers of the Competence Centre for Health Practices and Policies are active in Undergraduate and Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, effectively forming a bridge between research and teaching. In addition, they can develop ad hoc training courses at the request of local organisations or facilities.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

    The Centre contributes to training at Bachelor's and Master's level, specifically in some modules of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, the Master of Science in Nursing and the Master of Science in Business Administration.

  • Continuing Education

    The Centre is active in CAS, MAS and DAS pathways in healthcare. Among the topics in which CPPS researchers are involved as lecturers are healthcare ethics, interprofessionalism, medical humanities, management of healthcare organisations, integrated care, home care and case management. In addition, CPPS researchers are particularly present in the research methodology modules of the Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care.

  • Personalised Training

    The Centre is also active in Personalised Training, developing ad hoc training courses designed according to the needs of organisations or facilities in the area that wish to offer in-house training to their staff. The main feature of these training offers is flexibility, in terms of setting, didactics, location and timetable. The contents are related to the areas of competence of the CPPS. 

    By way of example, tailor-made courses may touch on topics such as the well-being of carers (stress management, workplace ergonomics, etc.), the relationship with a particular clientele (elderly drug addicts, dialysis patients, etc.), specific aspects of professional practice (inter-professional collaboration, organisational dynamics, etc.) and healthcare management, etc.

Over the years, the CPPS has developed collaborations with academic partners in Switzerland and abroad.

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Further information about the Centre is available by visiting the dedicated website

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