AI-based visualization methods to explore digitized publications

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  • Type of project

    Competitive project

  • Begin date

    23 August 2023

  • End date

    30 September 2024

Online access to cultural content is a key priority today for several reasons, including the physical limit of the exhibit spaces and the request for remote access to digitized items. Yet, the vast majority of digital cultural data preserved in archives is inaccessible due to privacy, copyright, management, and technical issues. Mini-Muse is a preliminary project, based on the E-Periodica archive by ETH-Library, that aims to serve as a starting point for developing a larger research project called Muse. The goal of the Muse project is to develop a novel ITC technology for the implementation of a set of AI-based data visualizations to enhance the access and engagement of archives containing digitized publications. The project merges Natural Language Process algorithms, design methods and archival studies with the aim to go beyond the common use of the search bar by providing a visual overview and graphical hints to explore the collection. The Mini-Muse project proposes to implement a basic prototype of an AI-based visualization tool in order to gather insights, feedback and suggestions to be used for the writing of the bigger project proposal.

Project responsible
  • Giovanni Profeta

Project members
  • Fabio Rinaldi

  • Joseph Cornelius