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  • Type of project

    Competitive project

  • Begin date

    01 January 2023

  • End date

    31 December 2025

Several products embed electronic components, and they are even more fundamental in some of the European strategic markets. However, reference producers come from extra-EU countries in the far-east side of the world. Trying to cope with all these challenges and the current semiconductors crisis, the EC published specific EU strategies/directives for automotive and e-waste. However, trying to make these sectors more sustainable, circular and resilient, it is mandatory to boost both EoL strategies and intra-EU production. The current international scenario represents a good chance to decouple the European economy from both natural resource depletion and dependency from extra-EU supplies. In order to better prove what the benefits are of a joined circular/resilient use of secondary resources, the automotive and mass electronics sectors have been identified for establishing a set of innovative solutions. To this aim, the CIRC-UITS project will focus on demonstrate the improvement to the circularity of automotive and mass electronics sectors by reuse of semiconductors from different sources, as well as support the reuse & remanufacturing of semiconductors into new components and product

Project responsible
  • Alessandro Fontana