• Project state


  • Type of project

    Competitive project

  • Begin date

    01 June 2022

  • End date

    31 December 2029

OBJECTIVES OF THE PROPOSAL: The aim of the LANTERN proposal is to co-design, test, validate, and scale up a portfolio of interventions for a user-empowered, decarbonized, resource efficient and sufficient Switzerland. We will achieve it through applied research and development at the interface between markets, technology, policies, and society. RELEVANCE TO THE RESEARCH CHALLENGE The project will assess the relevance of socio-technical aspects, e.g. social practices, use of technologies, norms and context of use with respect to the sustainable energy transition in Swiss households, leisure activities and workplaces. In real-life Living Labs, corresponding new services, programs and policies will be co-designed, tested and validated at different scales (e.g. in homes, institutions, districts, or city level). EXPECTED IMPACT The impact will be measured in a holistic and systemic framework that assess techno-economic-social effects to understand how the changes in social practices, policies, and technologies support substantially the reduction of carbon emissions as well as the improved energy efficiency and sufficiency in each Urban Living Lab. The goal is to develop and test pathways to achieve the objectives of the Energy Strategy 2050 and 2050+ and the climate plans in the studied Urban Living Lab areas. The country-wide potential will be established through the development of a strategy for scale-up. The project brings light to pathways which overcome barriers and capture transition potential by working at system interfaces to move towards sustainable energy futures together.

Project responsible
  • Francesca Cellina