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Institute of Systems and Applied Electronics (ISEA)

The Institute deals with systems and technologies of electronics and technical informatics applied to the development of products and methodologies for business innovation, improvement of production processes and knowledge transfer.

The institute is structured into six scientific areas that offer solid expertise in the field of electronics.


ISEA places applied research activities in the field of electronics and technical informatics at the centre of its mission, devoting particular attention to the transfer of knowledge to the industrial fabric and making its skills and resources available to train the skilled professionals who will be the engineers of tomorrow. 

Department of belonging
Department of Innovative Technologies 

Prof. PhD. Daniele Allegri

Institute Board members
  • Prof. PhD. Daniele Allegri, Head of scientific area Digital electronics, microelectronics and bioelectronics
  • PhD. Mikael Bianchi, Head of scientific area  Mechatronic systems 
  • Eng. Gian Carlo Dozio, Head of scientific area Power and applied energy electronics 
  • Eng. Roberto Gardenghi, Head of scientific area Applied photonics and optoelectronics 
  • Prof. Eng. Ricardo Monleone, Scientific referent and SUPSI Referent for the MSE - Electrical Engineering profile
  • Eng. Daniele Nicolis, Head of scientific area Precision microtechnical systems
  • Eng. Samuel Poretti, Head of scientific area  Analog and radio frequency electronics, telecom and imaging systems
  • Responsible for project management and finance, team coordination and internal communication: Daisy Salmina


  • Allegri Daniele, Ing. el. dipl. ETHZ, PhD
  • Bucher Roberto,  Ing. el. dipl. ETHZ
  • Defilippis Ivan, Ing. el. dipl. ETHZ
  • Monleone Ricardo, Ing. el. dipl. ETHZ 

Ricercatori senior e docenti-ricercatori senior 

  • Bianchi Mikael, Dr. sc. tech. ETHZ 
  • Furlan Ivan, Ing. el. dipl. SUP, MSc Mechatronic Eng.
  • Jaccard Matthieu, MSC HES-SO in Engineering
  • Montù Gianluca, Dipl. Phys. MSc Mechatronic Eng. 
  • Nicolis Daniele, Ing. el. dipl. Politecnico di Torino
  • Pagnamenta Claudio, Ing. el. dipl. ETHZ
  • Poretti Samuel, Ing. el. dipl. SUP 
  • Rogantini Marco, Dipl. ing. STS
  • Stefanini Igor, Dr. Sc. Tech. EPFL

Ricercatori, docenti e docenti-ricercatori 

  • Alò Manuel, MSc SUP in Engineering
  • Antonioli Flavio, Ing. el. dipl. STS
  • Badaracco Giovanni, Ing. el. dipl. HTL
  • Bernaschina Andrea, MSc SUP in Engineering 
  • Caola Aaron, MSc SUP in Engineering 
  • De Marchi Igor,  Ing. el. dipl. SUP
  • Di Dato Giuseppe, Ing. el. dipl. SUP
  • Dozio Gian Carlo, Ing. el. dipl EINEV 
  • Gardenghi Roberto, Ing. el. dipl. EPFL 
  • Gerosa Alessandro,  Ing. el. dipl. STS
  • Giacon Samuele, Ing. el. dipl. SUP
  • Guatieri Stefano, MSc SUP in Engineering 
  • Hajdaj Fatlind, MSc SUP in Engineering
  • Mazevet Marianne, PhD Biotechnology Engineering
  • Oberli Christian, Ing. el. dipl. SUP
  • Pagani Tommaso, Ing. el. dipl. SUP
  • Pellegrini Damiano, Ing. el. dipl. HTL 
  • Rivero Armando, MSc in Engineering
  • Robertini Alessandro, Ing. el. dipl. ETHZ, PhD in scienze tecniche ETHZ
  • Robortella Roberto, Ing. el. dipl. EPFL
  • Sala Marco, MSc SUP in Engineering
  • Schütz Sebastiano, MSc SUP in Engineering 
  • Tavilla Christian Agatino, MSc Mechatronic eng. 
  • Vaghi Alessandro, MSc SUP in Engineering 

Collaboratori scientifici 

  • Salmina Daisy, MA in Management


  • Arteaga España Maria Vanessa, MSc in Engineering

Assistenti con Master 

  • Marinelli Sebastiano, MSc SUP in Engineering
  • Valles Christian, MSc SUP in Engineering
  • Zappi Mattia, MSc SUP in Engineering

Assistenti in formazione Master MSE 

  • Hess Gabriele, Ing. el. dipl. SUP
  • Mendoza Zapata Emmanuel David, Ing. el. 
  • Tordoya Taquichiri Carlos Rafael, Ing. el.

Assistenti con Bachelor 

  • Jasmine Rosselli, ing. el.

Staff amministrativo 

  • Brunner Lepori Hélène
  • Lucchina Emma
  • Torrisi-Invernizzi Elena 

Staff tecnico 

  • Tognetti Loredano, collaboratore tecnico e formatore apprendisti 

Apprendisti elettronici 

  • Faria Vilela Daniel


  • Crotti Demis
  • Maestri-Caravita Filippo

Borsisti Fondazione RETECA 

  • Duque Quintero Mauricio
  • Fernandez Cornejo Edson Rodrigo
  • Millan Toro Maria Camila

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Supporto tecnico-scientifico alle Autorità Giudiziarie


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L'Istituto mette a disposizione le competenze sviluppate al suo interno sotto forma di prestazioni e servizi ad aziende e istituzioni pubbliche e private del territorio. 

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The Institute contributes to the Bachelor's and Master's degrees and continuing education activities of the Department of Innovative Technologies in the disciplines of electronics, technical informatics, mechatronics and telecommunications, providing the specific skills and highly qualified profiles of its staff. 

The practice-oriented nature of the courses on offer and the opportunity to carry out semester and diploma projects on topics related to applied research projects provide SUPSI students with a high added-value professional development opportunity. 

The offer is adapted annually to keep up with technological developments and take into account market demands in industry and services.


  • Formazione base

    Bachelor of Science in Ingegneria elettronica
    Master of Science in Engineering

  • Formazione continua


Over the years, the Institute's design and research activity has fostered the creation of valuable collaborations with important industrial, institutional and academic partners, and has enabled it to take on ever greater technological challenge.

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Further information about the Centre is available by visiting the dedicated website.

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