• Project state


  • Type of project

    Competitive project

  • Begin date

    01 October 2020

  • End date

    30 September 2022

The project aims at developing a new revolutionary autonomous system capable of radically changing the way an inspection for real estate appraisal is performed. The main activities that an expert has to perform are verifying possible frauds (e.g., mismatching between actual status and building plan), looking for defects (e.g., cracks, mold, spots, etc.), and cataloging types, status and age of systems (e.g., heating system, electrical system) and structural materials (e.g., tiles, wood, parquet). The first two activities are generally performed on-site, while the others are tasks carried out in the office. To this aim we need a system able to address the following points: 1. it is able to gather video and pictures of the home environment autonomously 2. it can classify possible frauds, defects, materials, and systems elements (e.g., heaters, plugs, switches) starting from the video and pictures of the home environment, 3. it easily interfaces with the implementation partner’s software tool to generate an automatic evaluation report

Project responsible
  • Andrea Quattrini