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  • Type of project

    Voucher for competitive project drafting

  • Begin date

    01 September 2021

  • End date

    30 November 2021

CRS (Computer Reservation Systems) and GDS (Global Distribution Systems) include many different legacy systems normally used in SaS mode. These systems are complex, slow, inefficient and do not offer the flexibility this industry requires . Also, transaction costs of the current systems contribute to increase the price of an airline ticket and become unsustainable for the low-cost airlines (forced to develop their system). A decentralized booking/sales APP would disrupt the way airlines make business, bringing efficiency, transparency, and speeding up all the processes: from the purchase of tickets, services,products to compensations and even refunds). Business without intermediaries. As SUPSI we aim to advance in the study of interoperability protocols necessary to ensure that blockchains can be useful and effective in the real world, and the study of future layer 2 protocols for scale, privacy, and cost-effectiveness.

Project responsible
  • Giacomo Poretti