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  • Type of project

    Competitive project

  • Begin date

    01 January 2020

  • End date

    31 December 2021

The EIT Manufacturing Master School is made by a consortium of 7 well renewed Universities in Manufacturing across Europe: Aalto University - Finland, Mondragon University - Spain, Nantes University - France, Politecnico di Milano - Italy, SUPSI - Switzerland, Germany, TU Wien - Austria, University College of Dublin - Ireland. It starts its activity in Academic year 2021/2022 with four double degree programs (2 years, 120 ECTS) fully aligned with EIT Manufacturing flagships. The four program tracks, in fact, are: - People and Robots for Sustainable Work - Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility - Zero Defect Manufacturing for a Circular Economy - - Platforms for Digitalized Value Network The programs focus on integrating Education, Innovation and Research through a learning by doing approach, providing students first class education, international environment, industrial internship and professional networking, with extra-curricular activities. The activity implements the processes and infrastructure (such as web tools) of the EITM Master School, organizing the Master School office in cooperation with the university partners.

Project responsible
  • Milena Properzi