Course program

Module 1 – Introduction to Blockchain
This module puts the financial and cryptographic basis on top of which the concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been built. The student will learn the paradigm and the fundamental assumptions backing such technology.

Courses (duration 120 hours):

  • Computer Networks and System Security (48h)
  • Cryptographic primitives (48h)
  • From e-money to cryptocurrency (24h)

Module 2 - Smart contracts development and use cases

Among the main applications of blockchain technology are the so-called “smart contracts”. This module provides the students with appropriate tools for them to design and develop Decentralized Applications as well as understand the complexities and caveats connected with smart contracts development.

Courses (duration 240 hours):

  • Blockchain technology issues and use cases (72h)
  • Smart contracts overview (24h)
  • Smart contracts development (72h)
  • Enterprise blockchain applications (72h)

Module 3 – Crowdfunding and regulation

The cryptocurrencies market represents the intersection of a variety of sectors, including the financial and the IT ones. As such, it creates both a paradigm shift in the way activities like investments and company management currently work and a consequent challenge for the regulators, that find themselves dealing with a new unregulated territory. During the module, the student will be presented with the regulatory challenges of this new market.

Courses (duration 84 hours):

  • Token economy (36h)
  • Blockchain regulatory frameworks (48h)

Module 4 – Decentralized technologies

Blockchain technology is expected to have a horizontal impact, affecting the way a variety of industries currently work. At the basis of this flourishing future is the set up of new concepts and tools, that bring with themselves both obstacles and opportunities. This module provides the student with an educated overview of the industry and how the various elements interoperate, as well as the opportunities and the challenges for the future.

Courses (duration 96 hours):

  • Decentralized databases and file storage (24h)
  • Reputation systems, oracles and digital identity (48h)
  • Advanced blockchain governance (24h)

Master Thesis

Advanced blockchain development and tools. Building a project within a company.
Duration 450 hours.

  • Dates
    Tue. and Thu. from 17:30 to 21:00
    Sat. from 8:30 to 16:30

The total duration of the master is 1.5 academic year.