MAS Fashion Innovation
MAS Fashion Innovation
The Master of Advanced Studied in Fashion Innovation (MFI) provides an interdisciplinary perspective of both the business and technical aspects related to the fashion world.

The MFI builds upon five Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) which lay the foundations in today’s driving areas of such ever-growing fashion market:

  • CAS Fashion fundamentals in the contemporary scenario
  • CAS Product & collection management for the 5.0 fashion industry
  • CAS Traditional & innovative fashion business models management & control
  • CAS Omnichannel sustainable supply chain management
  • CAS Fashion brand innovation in sales marketing & communication

The MAS course leads to a final CAS, a project developed by the students upon a selected topic in fashion industry.

The MFI has been jointly developed by the Department of Innovative Technologies of SUPSI, Ticinomoda and Chamber of Commerce (Cc-Ti) through an advisory board of fashion companies’ executives.

Thanks to Ticino Moda, the MAS FI is continuously updated due to high level experts contribution and interaction.