Course program
The MFI is composed by five Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS).

CAS Management and Business Innovation in Fashion

•    Duration: 4 months
•    Starting month: January 2019

The aim of this CAS is to support professionals from the fashion and luxury industries in the development of their managerial competencies and skills. It consists of a foundation course on the main industry business models, their key product development, sales, manufacturing and retailing strategies, their economic and financial assessment, the related organizational issues, with a special focus on innovative customer-centric market approaches.

CAS courses:

  • Introduction to the fashion industry
  • The fashion value chain
  • Fashion innovative business models
  • Overview of finance for fashion
  • Organizational and creative team management in the fashion business

CAS Product and Service Digital Innovation in Fashion

•    Duration: 4 months
•    Starting month: May 2019

Digital Disruption in Fashion Industry: this term is used to describe the way in which new digital technologies transform current products and services: digital disruption can be defined as the transformation that occurs when new technologies and business models hit the offer proposal (Value proposition) of existing products or services. We are in the middle of a unique epochal transformation where Innovation i for which we will study and analyse some angles in the Fashion reality.

CAS courses:

  • Product and Services: advanced development technologies and methods
  • Digital rapid prototyping techniques applied in the fashion industry
  • Consumer-centric design and engagement towards product/service co-creation
  • Integration of wearable technologies in fashion products and services towards interconnected smart garments
  • Exploiting the potential of IoT for next generation fashion products and services

CAS Process and Value Chain in Fashion

•    Duration: 4 months
•    Starting month: October 2019

The aim of this CAS is to provide to professionals who operate close with value chain activities and supply chain processes an overall overview of the major trends in Fashion distribution channels along with the relevant tools to transform expected business requirements into concrete actions along fashion value chain.

CAS courses:

  • The Fashion value chain and production process life-cycles
  • Innovative customer centric value chains
  • Building omnichannel excellence through value chain innovation
  • Innovative production processes and technologies in the fashion industry, value chain horizontal and vertical integration in the Industry 4.0 paradigm
  • Lean manufacturing methods applied to the fashion industry

CAS Sustainable Innovation in Fashion

•    Duration: 4 months
•    Starting month: February 2020

The fashion business is undergoing a major worldwide Sustainability Paradigm Shift. Leadership in, or at least compliance to, the new Paradigm is a mandatory strategic move for large and niche fashion brands alike: 25 out of the 28 world largest fashion corporations are now regularly reporting about their sustainability actions and strategies. The CAS will provide deep insights and practical tools about sustainability goals implementation in a series of lectures and workshops held by sustainability leaders from different perspectives.

CAS courses:

  • Introduction to sustainability and CSR
  • The three sustainability pillars: economic, social, and environmental and the circular economy vision in the fashion system
  • A roadmap towards sustainability: policies definition, initiatives ramp up, metrics identification, dissemination and reporting
  • A new vision. sustainability as value added for both customers and employees
  • Brand value creation and promotion through sustainability and related risks management aspects

CAS Marketing and Communication in Fashion industry

•    Duration: 4 months
•    Starting month: June 2020

Marketing and communication in fashion have become the core of any brand construction, also, sometimes to the detriment of the product itself. Both from a narrative standpoint and from a technical one, building a solid brand equity and measuring the effects of any action are the most relevant skills a Chief Marketing and Communication of today need to develop. The digital sphere and its pervasiveness are moulding the change of paradigm within the distribution of both contents and products and shaping and influencing tastes and choices.

CAS courses:

  • Introduction to fashion marketing and brand management
  • Fashion identity building and branding 
  • Fashion communication, advertising and promotion strategies
  • Fashion merchandising and retailing principles and techniques 
  • Customer relationship management in the digital era
  • Innovation Project in Fashion Industry
  • Thesis presentation

Innovation Project in Fashion industry

•    Duration: 4 months
•    Starting month: November 2020

The whole MAS programme in fashion innovation is thoroughly taught in conjunction with international fashion industry partners. This provides students with the right set of skills needed to practically implement innovation in the fashion industry. Accordingly, during the final CAS, students are requested to apply the interdisciplinary competencies gained through the accomplished courses in a industry case scenario. The final CAS gives an opportunity for more professional development and gives valuable experience within the fashion industry.

Thesis presentation

•    March 2021