Two Pillar Solution to Address the Tax Challenges from the Digitalization of the Economy
26 ottobre 2021
Webinar, ore 16.00
As the digital economy is disrupting traditional business models and value creation systems, states are scrambling to introduce rules and regulations in the attempt to preserve their power to tax and the integrity of the taxable bases in the respective jurisdictions.


  • 16.00-16.15
    Peter R. Altenburger
    Attorney at Law, Küsnacht-Zurich
  • 16.15-17.00
    The Biden Tax Plan and the Minimum Global Tax (incl. short Q&A)
    Reuven Avi-Yonah
    Professor for International Taxation, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan, USA
  • 17.00-17.45
    Are the U.S. proposals contradicting the ongoing OECD-Projects for Pillars One and Two?
    Marco Greggi
    Professor of Law, University of Ferrara, Italy
  • 17.45-18.30
    EU and Italian Perspectives
    Nicola Sartori
    Professor of Tax Law, Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca
  • 18.30-19.00
    Swiss Perspectives
    Peter R. Altenburger
    Attorney at Law, Küsnacht-Zurich

  • 19.00-19.15
    Questions and Answers


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