Another aspect of which the Service takes care is education, which, together with research, makes the Service complete and operational according to SUPSI’s foremost educational mission.

Continuing education

More and more the companies are needed specific skills to face cyber attacks that put to the test the security. Digital Forensics has taken on a decisive role over time and it is responsible to identify, to acquire and to analyse everything it is in digital format.

The Service offers three Digital Forensics courses. Two "Certificates of Advanced Studies" in Digital Forensics, one basic and one advanced. The third education is the "Diploma of Advanced Studies" in Digital Forensics.

These are one-of-a-kind course offerings in Southern Switzerland, innovative and interdisciplinary, they are dedicated not only to IT experts but also to all those potentially involved in Digital Forensics, such as computer engineers, lawyers, investigators, technical consultants, law enforcement institutions, experts, and IT executives.

Basic Education

Given the success of all editions of CAS courses in Digital Forensics, offered as continuing
education courses, as first important step several seminars about Cyber intelligence and information security are offered to Bachelor students in their last term of Computer Engineering at SUPSI’s Department of Innovative Technologies. This is a great step toward basic education, and, thanks to this, it will be possible to provide future computer engineers with extremely up-todate technical-scientific skills, which are extremely important for those who will choose to work in the field of information security.