Here below the authorities of Cantone Ticino that cooperates with SUPSI's Digital Forensics Service.

The Criminal Chamber rules in the first instance for criminal offences expressly falling under federal jurisdiction under Articles 23 and 24 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrimPC, SR 312). These federal criminal offences constitute an exception to the primary jurisdiction of the cantons in matters of criminal prosecution.

The Republic and Cantone Ticino is one of the 26 cantons of the Swiss Confederation. It is a democratic state, whose authority is exercised by three powers: executive, legislative and legal.

The Cantonal Police is a public service with the task of defending the security and maintaining the legal order. The Police prevents and obstructs infractions through information and control, it examines and notify them to qualified authorities.

The Magistracy of Cantone Ticino exercises the legal power by assuring the justice and by judging lawbreakers.