The Service is located within the Department of Innovative Technologies of SUPSI.

The "modus operandi" of the Service aim to involve highly qualified people with interdisciplinary and complementary professional profiles available inside SUPSI in its Departments, Institutions and Laboratories when dealing with a cybercrime or the unsafe, illegal and unaware use of new technology.

Since it carried out strategic activities in collaboration with the cantonal and national Institutions, particularly sensitive in term of security, the people involved in the Digital Forensics Service (Alessandro Trivilini, Sandro Denicolà and Steve Jack Dickenmann) have been subjected to a security check (according to article 11OCSP) by the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS).



Dr.-Ing.- Alessandro Trivilini

Service's manager


Sandro Denicolà

Researcher, Senior Digital Forensics analyst

Steve Jack Dickenmann

System administrator, Digital Forensics analyst


Sonia Cenceschi

Assistant, Postdoc in Audio Forensics

Internship and students

Among other things, this Service gives the opportunity to take part into a short term educational internship. The students who have contributed in carrying out small laboratory activities are the followings:


Michela Pettinato

Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, UNIL, Lausanne
Stage July-August 2019


Carolina Martinoni

Student in Engineering and Management, Department of Innovative Technologies of SUPSI
Stage February-August 2019



Riccardo Brigatti

Apprenticeship in Computer System, SPAI Locarno
Stage January-August 2019


Laura Varano

Bachelor in Mathematics, Università degli Studi di Pavia
Stage December-April 2015/2016


Camilla Romerio Giudici

Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, UNIL, Lausanne
Master in Law, Crime and Security of Information Technologies, UNIL, Lausanne
Stage June-September 2015


Chiara Ferrario

Bachelor in Computer Science, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland
Stage October-June 2012/2013