The main goals of the Service pertain to three essential areas: education, applied research, and technical-scientific support (as a service).

More specifically, they are:

  • Giving support to law enforcement institutions (Court, District Court, and Police) in the context of digital investigations requiring advanced technical-scientific skills.
  • Granting a high reliability and confidence level with respect to particular activities during appraisals.
  • Developing new guidelines for our fields of expertise with respect to the acquisition and management of digital data, thus of potential evidence.
  • Developing new research and digital data analysis methods as well as specific tools for data management and treatment.
  • Answering public tenders (e.g. CTI, Swiss National Science Foundation, Horizon 2020,
    COST, Eurostars) to collect funds for innovative and unconventional research projects, involving local as well as international companies and institutions.
  • Building new, highly valuable, strategic cooperative relationships at a local, national, and international level, in scientific, political, and operational fields of expertise by means of interdisciplinary, strategic collaborations.
  • Supporting local, national, and international companies by means of targeted consulting services within their operational field of expertise.
  • Developing new, advanced skills within Digital Forensics to be made known in the area through continuing education courses, conferences, and special workshops on the topic.
  • Offering courses within our fields of expertise to law enforcement institutions,
    professionals in the field, and university students.
  • Taking part in conferences as well as national and international congresses for the sake of popular science and strategic networking.
  • Organizing conferences and workshops on the topic, hosting and involving renowned
    experts in the field and local institutions as well as local, national, and international law enforcement institutions.