Future Improvements
The analysis and interviews made during the GRANNO project are valuable data to define
important choices that could lead to consolidate and develop what was done in GRANNO project

Particular aspects to guarantee are

Particular aspects to guarantee are:

  • To study a new sample of the population to consolidate the relationship with the home automation technology over the years following the development and testing how this technology can actually solve or alleviate the problems. The ageing and the progressive loss of selfsufficiency, or other restrictions, can be helped by introducing the new technology. A time interval of four / six years may constitute a useful period of study.


  • To install solutions in a limited area such as apartments in a single building or an entire building complex would allow to to analyse and understand the way a defined social Group acquires, uses, helps, and change their rules of cohabitation offered by Domotic technology.

The last point is of great importance for the group of researchers from the DSAN as it would draw according to models of social analysis, health, anthropological, psychological and economic, the evolution of a "community of practice" on the issue of the use of home automation technology and health care. For the DTI Home automation unit, it would be possible to imagine the creation of a dedicated laboratory, where they could analyse the effectiveness of innovative solutions in the market. Moreover, the same setting could become the subject of study by other researchers, such as architects and educators, each bringing elements of inquiry and reflection from her own disciplinary perspective, integrated with those already active in the field.

New Strategies

Returning to the project GRANNO, given the newly formulated strategies, taking into account the possibility of future funding you want to further develop the following points:

  • Development and improvement of existing hardware devices and software- Creation and maintenance of a development community to promote the concept through an open source system.
  • Extension of facilities to study in more detail the results aimed to improve the life quality of people.
  • Definition of the basic steps of a training for effective use of technology.
  • Promote projects with industry in order to achieve commercial products to guarantee a continuity of the system developed, Maintaining the concept of Open Source system for the core of the development (framework)