General overview
During the twentieth century, the ageing of the population has undergone profound changes. The proportion of young people under 20 years has decreased from 40.7% (1900) to 21.0% (2009) while the elderly over 64 years has increased from 5.8% to 16.9%. Among the elderly people, people over 80 years increased from 0.5% to 4.8%

By 2020, the elderly (> = 65 years) in Ticino will be over 22% implying an increasing population that will require care. The task to provide everyone nursing services at home is not feasible due to the missing infrastructure and the high costs that those services represent (around USD 85,000 per year)

Many people are almost completely self-sufficient. With the adoption of technology the stay at their own homes become a reality by helping elderly keeping them self-sufficient for a longer time. From these analyses the GRANNO project was created