MANU-SQUARE project final event
23 giugno 2021
Webinar 10.30-13.30
On 23 June 2021 from 10.30 to 13.30 the Final event of the MANU-SQUARE Project will be held online.

MANU-SQUARE is a platform-enabled marketplace supporting the access to and monetization of unused manufacturing capacity, engineering and technology services and by-products.


Industrial challenges:
Market dynamics are by nature in continuous change and fluctuations. Installed capacities, per definition, are not, rendering, in some cases, the inability to access to specific business opportunities (lack of capacity) and, in other cases, non-optimal exploitation of investments (unused capacities). It is of the highest relevance to enable companies to dynamically access to and allocate (monetize) unused capacities, by-products and capabilities. MANU-SQUARE platform can provide for it!

The MANU-SQUARE solution:

MANU-SQUARE platform delivers a marketplace, aggregating adequate tools, services and information resources, that supports the matching and establishment of business processes between those that are seeking for specific capacities, capabilities and materials and those who have theirs available.

Benefits and advantages:
Access to a wider base of business opportunities, manufacturing capacities, knowledge and services. Be part of the MANU-SQUARE platform and marketplace and enjoy from a flexible establishment of supply networks, supported by an highly traceable and secure platform, that aims to exploit the available and unused potential.

Why participating in the webinar?

To learn from reputable speakers of the Industry and Innovation stakeholders about the technology trends and building blocks that provided for the basis of the MANUS-SQUARE platform.

To Get to know the MANU-SQUARE platform and its tools, and how to get access to it. Benefit from the platform and start exploring new business opportunities.

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