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Selective Emitting Coatings

Acronimo GASLAMP

Abstract Gas porous burners are worldwide accepted as highly efficient means of production of heat radiation for different applications. Their introduction as mass products has been hindered by some historical problems mainly related with material's high temperatures endurance and thermal shock resistance. These problems have been overcome, in the hot zone of the burner, by Swiss Erbicol SA whose Si-SiC foam (ErbiSic) has proven the best performance. Erbisic foam is currently continuously working in a industrial paper production drying plant for three years. The German founded research project CERPOR is carrying a massive thermo mechanical characterization work in the short and long time range. SiSiC foams are good emitters in the infrared frequency and can be very useful in the above mentioned applications. For other applications, where higher frequencies are required, Si-SiC foam selective emission can be achieved only by foam coating. One of these application is the Thermo Photo Voltaic (TPV) electricity generation. The objective of this research is the TPV efficiency improvement by means of achieving a spectral match between the emitter spectrum and the photocell band gap. Once optimized emissivity control, it could be also adapted for other applications such as lighting. Beside base foam architecture optimization due to geometrical effects influencing overall emissivity, three different techniques for selective emitter coatings will be tested with the aim of pointing out the best approach and the best results in terms of both, structural and functional properties.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Dipartimento tecnologie innovative
Istituto di ingegneria meccanica e tecnologia dei materiali

Persone coinvolte Walter Amaro

Responsabili Alberto Ortona

Data di inizio progetto 2 maggio 2007

Data di chiusura progetto 30 aprile 2008