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Optimization of thin film module testing and PV module energy rating

Acronimo PMThin

Abstract The project aims to improve the measurement accuracy of thin film technologies through the definition of new test procedures and the up-grade of the existing test equipment. The focus is on the characterisation of multi-junction devices and the pre-conditioning of thin film modules, which needs to be improved to guarantee a higher comparability and repeatability of power measurements. The results, in combination with long term outdoor monitoring data and modeling activities, will be used to increase the understanding of thin film performance in comparison to the one of crystalline silicon technologies and to verify the applicability of the current energy rating procedure to thin film modules. Side activities as measurement round robins and collaborations with industry and other test institutes will help in the evaluation of the introduced changes. The project is divided into 4 work-packages: WP1 Characterisation of multi-junction modules - current/voltage characterisation and spectral response of large area modules WP2 Stabilisation procedures - preconditioning of CIS/CdTe modules and stabilisation of amorphous silicon modules WP3 Outdoor performance of thin film modules - yield inter-comparison and modelling of outdoor performance WP4 Energy rating - validation of IEC61853 part1-3 standard

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Istituto sostenibilità applicata all'ambiente costruito

Persone coinvolte Mauro Pravettoni, Alessandro Virtuani, Michele Denicolà, Mauro Bernasocchi, Ronny Meoli, Davide Strepparava, Diego Pavanello, Flavio Serrano, Matteo Marzoli

Responsabili Gabriele Friesen

Data di inizio progetto 1 ottobre 2011

Data di chiusura progetto 31 marzo 2014