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Behaviour of structural steels under fire in a wide range of strain rates

Acronimo IFER

Abstract The building performance under combined effects of impact, explosion, and fire is growing in interest of the research and engineering communities specially after the recent terrorist attacks as well as severe accidents (i.e. Gotthard tunnel, etc.). The mechanical behaviour of structural steels when are subjected to extreme temperatures, impacts or blast has still many aspects open to investigation. Scanty and relatively old data are available on the behavior under fire of reinforcing steel or structural steels and information about the combination of high strain rate and temperature are practically absent. Thus, additional information on the strain rate and high-temperature behavior of recently-introduced or proposed reinforcement types (like B500A, B500B, stainless-steel bars) and high-strength structural steels (like S690, S890, S960) is needed. This project intended to provide new experimental data on the influence of the structural steel in a wide range of strain rate and temperature. The tests were carried out by means of special research infrastructures avalaible at SUPSI and at ETH Zurich laboratories.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Laboratorio SUPSI Dynamat

Persone coinvolte Matteo Dotta, Daniele Forni, Gianmario Riganti, Nicoletta Tesio

Responsabili Ezio Cadoni

Data di inizio progetto 1 gennaio 2014

Data di chiusura progetto 31 dicembre 2016