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Dynamic behaviour of materials for industrial applications

Acronimo USI_NN

Abstract The main objective of the project is the collaboration between two advanced laboratories (the DynaMat Laboratory and Laboratory of Dynamic Testing of Materials) specialized in the dynamic behavior of materials. The expertise and the facilities available in the two labs are complementary and these are the strong basis to construct a bilateral collaboration and integration of respective competences. This project is addressed to exchange experience and to develop new protocols for dynamic testing of materials. The newer numerical models require a number of information quite specialized that can be obtained only through sophisticated tests. Especially in the dynamic field this need is rather urgent but the different testing set-up used world-wide are often not comparable. Considering that both the lab partners of this project have developed modification of special testing set-up, the collaboration will contribute to clarify eventual differences, potentialities and limits for the study of advanced or traditional materials and the application to Russian and Swiss industries.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Laboratorio SUPSI Dynamat

Persone coinvolte Matteo Dotta, Daniele Forni

Responsabili Ezio Cadoni

Data di inizio progetto 1 marzo 2009

Data di chiusura progetto 1 ottobre 2009