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E!1957, parte 2000 (parte 1999: Nr. CTI-4328.2)

Acronimo FORSYS

Abstract Research and development of a range of presses with new features, which have already been studied in the initial phase and pronounced suitable for integration into a forging system; the latter starting from cold billets (and following through with bar heating, slug shearing, preforming, forging and finishing) is capable of producing finished parts in an automatic cycle. The above new features enable the inclusion of the above system in all the forging industries manufacturing solid pieces. These new press features, not only guarantee the forging of high quality pieces with traditional dies at high working speed, but they will also create the technical feasibility to accede to forging in a closed die, and therefore the production of a piece having approximately the shape of the finished part. The project phases will be as follows: 1. Research into a new type of press: comparison between the different kinds of existing presses, taking into consideration samples of axial symmetric pieces; cinematic and processing simulations of samples of forging on: * eccentric mechanical presses * screw presses with friction disks, * hydraulic presses, etc. Selection of a new press concept. 2. Research into the type of press drive: formulation of motion equations for the new press range concept, with provision to separate them into two ranges, having the same concept but with different drive systems according to the required acceleration torques. Feasibility study for the application of linear type motors, with a particular preference for brushless type motors, with a plane air gap, including circular sectors having an estimated power capacity varying from 400 to 2,000 kW to cover the above mentioned press range. Design of the electronic system to suit the motors, the Control Unit and the monitoring system. The project will consider all the following manufacturing and economic targets: * decreasing the quantity of mechanical components forming the press - half the quantity of components have similar characteristics * manufacturing costs are clearly lower than those of an eccentric mechanical press. At least two prototypes will be manufactured, one for each press range, for the real production of pieces, selected as samples, to check the results of simulations as well as modifications; the relevant technological database, the parameters of the machine and pieces. This will enable the development and completion of the remaining sizes of press which form the range.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Istituto di ingegneria meccanica e tecnologia dei materiali

Persone coinvolte Luca Diviani, Raffaele Ponti, Franco Barilone, Daniele Crivelli

Responsabili Walter Amaro

Data di inizio progetto 1 gennaio 2000

Data di chiusura progetto 1 febbraio 2002