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Library of Making

Acronimo LIMA

Abstract The diffusion of cheap and open source tools for fast prototyping such as open source electronics and digital fabrication spaces and tools (fablabs, laser cutters, 3Dprinters) is opening up new opportunities for teaching and learning how to design and make tangible and digital interactive artifacts. While the web offers an ecosystem of community driven applications supporting designers, makers and craftsmen in order to easily share the designs and the information on how to build interactive products, we witness a lack of similar tools in educational contexts, particularly, at universities of applied sciences and arts where prototyping represents one of the core activities. Goal of this proposal is to develop a preliminary study addressed to the development of web based platform that enables teachers and students to collaboratively create and access a digital repository of resources (projects documentation and related source files) about the design, implementation and fabrication of prototypes of both tangible and digital interactive artifacts.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Settore Interaction Design

Persone coinvolte Davide Fornari, Giovanni Profeta

Responsabili Serena Cangiano

Data di inizio progetto 1 maggio 2013

Data di chiusura progetto 1 dicembre 2013

Allegati allegato_al_progetto FFHSCall2013-TheLibraryofMaking-30313 (in inglese)