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PROximity Marketing sOlution

Acronimo Promo

Abstract The increasing spreading of top-medium range mobile phones offering advanced capabilities and the broader use of short-range wireless technologies embedded in them are laying the foundations for the development of new added-value services. One of such services is proximity marketing, which consists in distributing localised wireless advertising contents to users interested in. In this project we investigate localisation techniques and power saving mechanisms to support a proximity marketing solution. To reduce the time-to-market of the solution we focus on domain specific development techniques mostly targeted to embedded platforms.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Laboratorio di networking

Persone coinvolte Claudio Di Giacinto, Tiziano Leidi, Vanni Galli, Dario Gallucci, Michela Papandrea, Nicola Rizzo

Responsabili Salvatore Vanini

Data di inizio progetto 13 settembre 2010

Data di chiusura progetto 12 marzo 2012