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Labour supply response to job loss within Swiss households

Acronimo AWE

Abstract The research investigates the existence and magnitude of the Added Worker Effect (AWE) within Swiss households, that refers to a situation in which a household member responds to an unemployment spell of another member by increasing his/her labour supply. The study is significant for the Swiss labour market, characterized by a high degree of labour market flexibility and generous unemployment benefits. Moreover, the country has experienced important social policies' reforms that have been likely to modify labour response of households over time. Finally, no evidence is available of the AWE hypothesis in Switzerland and this research aims to address this literature limitation.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Centro competenze lavoro, welfare e società

Persone coinvolte Anna Bracci, Fabio Losa

Responsabili Spartaco Greppi

Data di inizio progetto 1 gennaio 2016

Data di chiusura progetto 30 dicembre 2016