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Handle energy. Eco-feedback Pilot Project

Acronimo Handle Energy

Abstract If integrated into a demand-side management (DSM) programme, social mobile applications as well as gamified experiences may contribute to the empowerment of customers, allowing households a greater role in shifting their own demand for electricity during peak periods, as well as reducing their energy consumption overall. Handle energy has the objective to design and structure a research proposal focused on a pilot service tested in two Swiss residential districts. This project was the preliminary research base for Social Power (2015-2017).

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Settore Interaction Design
Istituto sostenibilità applicata all'ambiente costruito

Persone coinvolte Francesca Cellina, Roberta Castri

Responsabili Vanessa De Luca

Data di inizio progetto 2 luglio 2012

Data di chiusura progetto 3 marzo 2013

Allegati allegato_al_progetto vdl_CHI-extended-abstracts_130318 (in inglese)