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AutoPlay: methodology development

Acronimo AutoPlay

Abstract The AutoPlay project investigates the development of toys manipulation patterns in the very small children ludic behavior. We aim at developing a methodology for analyzing ludic behavior in very small children (less than 2 years old) from a technical, analytical, social and sanitary perspective. The final objective of AutoPlay is reaching a social systematic change of how ludic behavior is observed, analysed and considered for evaluating and identifying early signs of neurodevelopmental disorders and social problems.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Centro competenze pratiche e politiche sanitarie
Laboratorio sistemi informativi e ingegneria del software

Persone coinvolte Francesca Dalia Faraci, Michela Papandrea

Responsabili Emmanuelle Rossini-Drecq

Data di inizio progetto 1 gennaio 2017

Data di chiusura progetto 31 dicembre 2019