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Multiscale computational study of linear and hyperbranched polymers for biomedical applications

Acronimo MULTI

Abstract The present project aims to apply computational techniques based on the use of parallel supercomputers to support biomedical research technologies. To reach this goal, from one side, ICIMSI/SUPSI will apply atomistic simulations to investigate and optimize the interaction between bioactive materials and carriers by chemical modifications of the vehicles with the aim to improve their therapeutic efficacy, while reducing side effects. On the other side, in order to overcome significantly the time/length limitations of the atomistic simulations, ICS/USI will develop new algorithms in the field of the coarse-grained molecular dynamics that will be applied by ICIMSI/SUPSI to improve the capabilities to simulate bigger space-time regions of the systems of interest, providing a concrete bridge between the atomistic and the mesoscopic scale. This collaboration will provide an opportunity to strengthen the co-operation among leading institutions in Cantone Ticino working in computational science.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Laboratorio per la matematica e fisica nell'ingegneria

Persone coinvolte Massimo Maiolo, Marek Maly

Responsabili Andrea Danani

Data di inizio progetto 1 aprile 2010

Data di chiusura progetto 15 novembre 2012