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Construction materials under high strain rate

Acronimo LOB

Abstract The mechanical behavior of the component materials of reinforced concrete (reinforcing steel and concrete) as well as fiber-reinforced cementitious composites when subjected to impact or blast still has many aspects requiring further investigation, with specific reference to large and socially-sensitive structures, as sheltering structures, high-rise buildings, bridges, off-shore platforms, pipelines, gasification reactors, secondary containment shells for nuclear power plants, and tunnels. The mechanical response of these structures exposed to blast and impact loading could only be predicted - and controlled - by formulating proper materials models for cementitious composites, including strain rate effects. This preliminary research permits the comparison of these new experimental results with some formulations proposed in literature which allow the definition of the variation of the mechanical characteristics in different strain-rate regimes. For these experiments will be used the facilities present in the two laboratories (Swiss and Russian). On the basis of the past experience of exchange in this project it is well identified the objective: to know to innovate.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Laboratorio SUPSI Dynamat

Persone coinvolte Matteo Dotta, Daniele Forni, Gianmario Riganti, Nicoletta Tesio

Responsabili Ezio Cadoni

Data di inizio progetto 15 marzo 2012

Data di chiusura progetto 31 dicembre 2016