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Classification of cognitive profiles

Acronimo CDR

Abstract The purpose of the project is to integrate IDSIA?s specific knowledge of data mining into CDR?s extensive database of cognitive tests. The CDR cognitive tests are designed to measure the attention and the memory of a person, to then spot possible diseases. The database contains the results of a few thousands of visits performed during the last years. The focus is in particular on trying to diagnose dementia in its early stages, when the medical treatments have more chances of being effective. The intended result is a novel profiling technique that could be provided as part of CDR?s service to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Istituto Dalle Molle di studi sull'intelligenza artificiale

Persone coinvolte Giorgio Corani

Responsabili Marco Zaffalon

Data di inizio progetto 1 gennaio 2006

Data di chiusura progetto 30 giugno 2006