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BIPV-ST for architects and planners

Acronimo BIPV4arch

Abstract This project wants to play a key-role in supporting and implementing specific measures related to the transfer of solar energy in the built environment. Through this project we intend to define the best strategy to raise awareness, motivate and support the different stakeholders and decision makers on the capabilities, potentials and strengths of BIPV in order to enhance the transfer of such technologies and foster its wider application in construction projects. Added value will be represented by the definition of the content and structure to be later developed and uploaded on an innovative web platform on solar architecture by the Swiss partners.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Settore sistema edificio

Persone coinvolte Isa Zanetti

Responsabili Francesco Frontini

Data di inizio progetto 7 dicembre 2017

Data di chiusura progetto 31 dicembre 2018