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VSS visual speed senso development: functionality extension, miniaturization, application-specific t

Acronimo VSS2

Abstract The project follows a feasibility study (VSS) for an optical flow based speed sensor. The conventional speed sensors are mostly mechanical. Better results can be reached using integrated accelerometers, while even better accuracy and precision can be achieved through sensor fusion of more than one sensor, for instance: accelerometers, gyroscopes and GPS receivers. None of these methods offers however a completely satisfactory solution; besides the insufficient accuracy and precision for many applications, they suffer from several drifting and must be recalibrated frequently, leading to complex and expensive solutions. The proposed speed sensor uses a new principle that is immune from many of the negative aspects of the above-cited examples. Thanks to the coupling of image sensors (CMOS and/or CCD) with ad-hoc DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms in the spatial and frequency domains, it is possible to estimate with great accuracy and precision the speed of (the vehicle carrying) the sensor. The obtained sensor is not only more accurate and precise than the conventional ones, but is also less computational intensive and less expensive in terms of hardware.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Dipartimento tecnologie innovative
Dipartimento economia aziendale, sanità e sociale
Laboratorio microelettronica, bioelettronica e sensorica

Persone coinvolte Giuseppe Di Dato, Stefano Guatieri, Marco Rogantini, Marco Barbero, Giovanni Badaracco, Francesca Garattoni

Responsabili Ivan Defilippis

Data di inizio progetto 1 febbraio 2011

Data di chiusura progetto 15 aprile 2014