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Soundmapping: A critical history of sonic cartographies

Acronimo Sonicart

Abstract Every landscape produces unique and unmistakable sounds, perceived in the extent and in the measure of each individual’s and group's’ awareness. Hence, giving voice to these perceptions means trigger lines of reflection and active listening education able to amplify a sensory approach that western culture nowadays increasingly tends to marginalize even though its fundamental role for the individual’s learning process. The main purpose of the workshop is the development of an educational tool capable of: a) promoting actions of awareness-raising about the soundscapes’ dimension with regard to the promotion of sound and active listening related life skills; b) raising awareness among pre service teachers about the use and the impact of silence/sound in the educational setting; c) promoting the soundscape’s potential for the advocacy of pathways for artistic and educational development, both in the musical area and in the physical theatre; d) raising awareness, disseminating and spreading good practices in the implementation of the educational tool; e) grouping and connecting the practices, tools and experiences developed with the international partners.

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Persone coinvolte Alberto Piatti, Antonella Astolfi, Michele Mainardi, Francesca Antonini, Sara Giulivi, Giovanni Marino Galfetti, Claudio Della Santa, Magda Ramadan, Demis Quadri, Loredana Addimando, Sara Benini, Andrea Plata

Responsabili Lorena Rocca

Data di inizio progetto 19 marzo 2018

Data di chiusura progetto 22 marzo 2018


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