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LEarning NEeds of MIgrants caregivers of elderly people

Acronimo LeNeMi

Abstract LENEMI aims to provide an international perspective on a new approach to formal and informal training for migrants assisting elderly people living alone or with their families. This approach is based on a preliminary survey carried out by the Partners. The survey collected the training standards of courses for care assistants for the elderly in the countries participating in this Partnership. The results of the initial survey highlighted a number of critical factors: 1) the length of the courses varies significantly even within the same country; 2) in many cases migrants must already speak the local language fluently before being admitted to the training course; 3) once training is complete, often no updating sessions are planned, and migrants are often left to work alone with the family or in the residential care unit (RCU) with no access to further training or help to solve the problems they face. The partnership aims to draw up a different approach to training based on the experiences of those (migrants, elderly and their families) who are already involved in giving/receiving care at home or in RCUs, so as to better tailor training to the specific and practical needs and obstacles met. Through individual and group interviews the Partners will directly collect information on the training/learning needs of the target group, based on their own experiences in actual job positions they held. Specific attention will be given to cultural and linguistic differences. The Partners come from countries especially affected by the need to solve problems and develop care for the frail elderly and by the optimal social inclusion of migrants working as care assistants.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Dipartimento economia aziendale, sanità e sociale
Centro competenze anziani

Persone coinvolte Paola Solcà, Carlo De Pietro, Stefan Juerg Kunz, Vincenzo D'Angelo, Filippo Bignami

Responsabili Andrea Cavicchioli

Data di inizio progetto 21 febbraio 2011

Data di chiusura progetto 31 luglio 2013

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