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Games for Smart Environments

Acronimo GxSE

Abstract Recent research areas such as Serious Games and Ambient Gaming are just some manifestations of the increasing integration of technology and ludic interfaces not only in Smart Environment field and gaming console industry based on gesture systems but also in training and learningnas well as healthcare, entertaining and other areas of pervasive computing technology. The introduction of gamified application to large audience oriented to improve user experience (UX) and user engagement promises to bring together researchers, designer, product managers and marketers to develop a shared understanding around key strategies, opportunities and question for future advancement in HCI design. The GxSE project aims to develop novel ICT tools for the benefit of the next generation learning and training environments. The outcome of the project proposal is the organization of knowledge emerging as a multi-disciplinary recognized design practice, able to link innovation and technological development. Consortium: SUPSI - FFHS - Politecnico di Milano (IT) - Imaginary srl (IT) - M77 (CZ) - URSM (SM) - Arduino The GxSE has been submitted to Lifelong Learning Programme - Call EAC/27/11 (2011/C 233/06)

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Settore Interaction Design
Dipartimento formazione e apprendimento

Persone coinvolte Luca Botturi

Responsabili Vanessa De Luca

Data di inizio progetto 21 novembre 2011

Data di chiusura progetto 2 febbraio 2012