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Performance Venues in Ticino

Acronimo Performance Venues

Abstract The success of a performance venue (e.g. concert hall, Jazz locale, theatre) depends, among other things, on the suitability and attractiveness of the venue in which the performance is to take place. The objective is to design a research project in which one or more performance venues in Ticino will be examined by means of appropriate quality indicators. The development of these indicators will occur in collaboration with regional stakeholders (e.g. artists, art schools, audiences, cultural agents) and draw on current knowledge in both artistic practice and research. The generated knowledge is expected to help interested parties to understand better how to optimize the use of performance venues and how to market them to potential art providers and audiences from the region and beyond. The project is expected to build upon the results of SPASS, a cultural mediation project of the 7th research axis, and to involve a variety of research disciplines (e.g. architecture, sociology, anthropology).

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Settore ricerca cultura e territorio
Dipartimento economia aziendale, sanità e sociale
Accademia Teatro Dimitri
Scuola universitaria di Musica del Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana

Responsabili Ruth Hungerbühler Savary

Data di inizio progetto 21 marzo 2017

Data di chiusura progetto 21 marzo 2018