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Ordinary practices and representations beyond scandals

Acronimo AssCoer

Abstract This project will analyze the discourse on three different social problem areas, i.e. «lethargy» and the abuse of social welfare, the abuse of psychotropic substances, and the «girl-mothers» of the Lake Geneva region and the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. How have media-effective and professional discourses, on the one hand, and administrative practices, on the other, interacted since 1960? Which discourses developed on practice? Did they support or denounce practice? How, finally, can insight into this development of discourse demonstrate useful possibilities in view of establishing a better balance between support and coercion and which political guardrails for social normativity are necessary in order to prevent a drift?

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Centro competenze lavoro, welfare e società

Responsabili Spartaco Greppi

Data di inizio progetto 1 ottobre 2018

Data di chiusura progetto 30 settembre 2021