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Molecular description of new aquatic hyphomycete cultures


Abstract Ex-situ conservation of aquatic hyphomycete strains and their detailed description with state-of-the-art molecular techniques is important in the light of the Nagoya Protocol for the following reasons: (i) aquatic hyphomycetes are understudied despite being crucial for ecosystem processes and services; (ii) techniques for their isolation and cultivation based on single conidia are well-established (this is the basis for detailed molecular descriptions of the strains); (iii) they can be kept alive in permanent collections for more complete genetic descriptions and/or novel analyses in the future. The project will isolate aquatic hyphomycete strains from their natural environment, establish pure cultures, characterize them by molecular means, and deposit resulting DNA-sequences in public databases. Specifically, these activities will be performed for 50 strains of understudied aquatic hyphomycete species (chosen either based on data from our earlier studies indicating unexpected diversity patterns and/or to increase the taxonomic coverage of our existing collection).

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Responsabili Andreas Bruder

Data di inizio progetto 3 dicembre 2019

Data di chiusura progetto 31 dicembre 2020