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Development of a Web interface for borehole data acquisition SWISSTOPO

Acronimo WEBIBD

Abstract Recently an increasing number of clients and partners (e.g. cantonal administration) of SWISSTOPO/LG i asking for a web-based solution for a harmonised, well-structured borehole data acquisition. In order tu fulfil this demand of the external users, the development of a web-application is envisaged. Such an application would facilitate the following scenarios: -Acquisition of borehole data by external users, i.e. contractors and its provision for integration into the SWISSTOPO BDMS. -Supply of a simple BDMS solution, which is compliant with the borehole data model supplied by SWISSTOPO, for external users (e.g. cantons not operating an own BDMS). The focus of the proposed prototype project is: -the acquisition of borehole data -the integration/synchronization of borehole data with the SWISSTOPO BDMS.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Settore geomatica

Responsabili Massimiliano Cannata

Data di inizio progetto 15 luglio 2019

Data di chiusura progetto 30 giugno 2020