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Metagenomics as innovative process control parameter for AD and wastewater treatment plants.

Acronimo MetaPCP

Abstract Microorganisms are the backbone of the anaerobic digestion (AD) and wastewater treatment (WWTP) processes. Their occurrence, or absence is mainly depending on the nutrient source (feed stock, wastewater, co-substrate, etc.) and the process parameters like sludge retention time, oxygen concentration, pH and many more. Today, chemical and physical process parameters are used to monitor and control theprocess. Sum parameters like chemical oxygen demand (COD), dissolved oxygen demand(DOC) or volatile fatty acids (VFA) are indicators of the "health" of a system, and describe the quality of the process effluent. Meaning, the products of the bacterial metabolites are used for decision taking on full technical plants. Within this project, we would like to evaluate the feasibility of a fundamental other and innovative approach of process control. By a close-to-online measurement and identification of the microorganisms by applied metagenomics (MinION...) , together with a correlation to the state of the AD or WWTP, we aim for a prediction tool for upcoming process disruptions (e.g. bulking sludge, acidification, N2O formation..). The integration of this MO community information has the potential to strengthen the process stability and reliability what positively effects economic and ecological aspects.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Settore biotecnologie ambientali

Persone coinvolte Elisa Pianta, Camilla Perego

Responsabili Roger König

Data di inizio progetto 14 marzo 2022

Data di chiusura progetto 5 settembre 2022