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INCA - INcrease Corporate political Responsibility and Accountability

Acronimo INCA

Abstract INCA investigates the impact that digital platforms have on European democracies and institutions. Indeed, while promoting economic growth and labour transformations, these platforms pose challenges to policymakers and citizens in relation to people’ participation in decision-making processes, wealth inequalities and erosion of trust into public institutions. In particular, so-called GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft) are becoming more and more infrastructures for opinion-making, labour organization and political debate. Their increasing power in shaping and influencing such issues opened up a wide debate on the way to deal with these transformations. INCA aims to contribute to 3 main objectives: to produce a robust socio-historical overview on the transformations brought about by the development of platforms; to furnish qualitative and quantitative data for understanding the way platforms influence law making processes, industrial relations, and citizens’ opinion; to sustain citizens’ participation and democratic institutions with the formulation of policies and the testing of alternatives for a fairer development and accountability of platform economy.

Enti SUPSI coinvolti Centro competenze lavoro, welfare e società

Responsabili Niccolò Cuppini

Data di inizio progetto 1 ottobre 2022

Data di chiusura progetto 31 marzo 2026