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Nome e cognome Serena Cangiano

Funzione Dipartimento ambiente costruzioni e design, Docente-ricercatore senior


Ufficio Campus Mendrisio
Via Flora Ruchat-Roncati 15, 6850 Mendrisio

Telefono interno +41586666285


Articolo di un giornale scientifico 1 Elemento

Cangiano, S.& Romano, Z. (2019) Ease of repair as a design ideal: A reflection on how open source models can support longer lasting ownership of, and care for, technology. ephemera, vol. 19 (19(2)) pp.441-449. » in dettaglio

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Lurati, M., Cangiano, S., Schenker, F., Antonietti, S.& Blazquez, V. (2021) Stampa 3D per l’ambiente, la costruzione e il design. Swiss Engineering Ticino Blog. » in dettaglio Cannata, M., Cangiano, S.& Lurati, M. (2018) Creating an open geospatial kinetic wall for science mediation: Preliminary results from the GeoWall project. PeerJ Preprints. » in dettaglio Cangiano, S., Profeta, G., Lurati, M., Elsharbaty, S., Pensa, I.& Devouard, F. (2017) Community Digest: Using data to visualize Wikipedia knowledge gaps; news in brief. Wikimedia Foundation Blog, 23-2-2017. » in dettaglio

Articolo in documento di una conferenza 8 Elementi

Cangiano, S., Lupetti, M., Romagnoli, L.& Riesen, C. (2018) Open resources for thinking with computational artefacts at school. » in dettaglio Cangiano, S., Banzi, M.& Loglio, M. (2018) Reports From a Machine Learning Workshop for Designers. » in dettaglio Fornari, D.& Cangiano, S. (2014) Disruptive concepts and prototypes. In Disruptive interaction. 8th Swiss Design Network Symposium Conference Proceedings, pp.96-97. » in dettaglio Cangiano, S.& Fornari, D. (2014) Products as platforms. A framework for designing open source interactive artifacts. » in dettaglio Cangiano, S.& Fornari, D. (2013) Re-programmed art: an open manifesto. In Proceedings from the Fab 9 Research Stream. » in dettaglio Cangiano, S., Fornari, D.& Botta, M. (2013) integration of open source design and fablab [practices] into Interaction Design Education, The. » in dettaglio Botta, M., Sommaruga, L., Cangiano, S., Catenazzi, N., De Luca, V., Fornari, D., Mancini, M., Mazza, R.& Rizzo, N. (2011) Interaction Design Lab. In LUXS 2011 Proceedings, pp.11-11. » in dettaglio Botta, M., Catenazzi, N., Sommaruga, L., Cangiano, S., De Luca, V., Fornari, D.& Rizzo, N. (2011) Human centered design framework to generate novel ambient intelligence interface solutions. In DPPI 11 Proceedings, pp.561-562. » in dettaglio

Capitolo di un libro 2 Elementi

Cangiano, S. 2019. Back to the Basics: Or Why [Design] Education Is Going Back to Making. In The Critical Makers Reader: (Un)learning Technology, Bogers Loes ,Chiappini Letizia , vol. 12, pp.141-147. Institute of Network Cultures. » in dettaglio Fornari, D., Cangiano, S.& Seratoni, A. 2018. Re-Programmed Art: Overcoming Obsolescence and Opening up Programmed and Kinetic Artworks. In Practicing Art/Science: Experiments in an Emerging Field, Sormani Phillippe ,Gisler Priska ,Carbone Guelfo . London / Oxford / New York / New Delhi / Sydney: Bloomsbury. » in dettaglio

Libro 2 Elementi

Cangiano, S., Romano, Z., Fragnito, M.& Graziano, V. (2019) Rebelling with Care Exploring open technologies for commoning healthcare, Fragnito Madddalena ,Cangiano Serena ,Romano Zoe ,Graziano Valeria , WeMake. » in dettaglio Cangiano, S., Fornari, D.& Seratoni, A. (2015) Re-programmed art: an open manifesto Book, Cangiano Serena ,Seratoni Azalea ,Fornari Davide , Johan&Levi. » in dettaglio

Presentazione ad una conferenza 2 Elementi

Menichinelli, M., Profeta, G.& Cangiano, S.Visualising open communities. Guidelines from three case studies. , 2CO COmmunicating COmplexity, 2017, Tenerife. » in dettaglio Cangiano, S., Fornari, D.& Seratoni, A.Quadri di luce, vestiti di luce. , La luce e i suoi percorsi passionali, 2012, Venice. » in dettaglio

Progetti di cui è responsabile

Ethafa Kit - A kit to teach programminng and electronics through playful stories » in dettaglio Square - Playkit for learning computational thinking » in dettaglio NEGETO - Next generation educational toys » in dettaglio CHIP - China Hardware Innovation Platform » in dettaglio Digital Social Innovation for Europe » in dettaglio Arte ri-programmata: un manifesto aperto » in dettaglio Library of Making » in dettaglio Applicazione tablet touch per accedere a risorse e tutorial sulla prototipazione » in dettaglio Research social networking application: new requirements for future uses and users. » in dettaglio